Watkins VITAL Care Program

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Watkins Vital Care Events

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“You can’t stay in your corner of the forest, waiting for others to come to you; you have to go to them sometimes.”

–Winnie the Pooh



Structured Activities

Our consumers need the continued security of a structured program with a measure of predictability. On-site activities include volunteer assembly jobs from the community, in-class opportunities to make lunches independently, and an increased use of appropriate leisure activities, AT/AAC access, and physical exercise. Each consumer has a schedule to follow throughout the day with intermittent rewards both inside and outside of the classroom.

Community Integration

All individuals, whether disabled or not, are entitled to have access to the community and its many venues of functional shopping, social eating, and leisure areas. Daily community integration allows consumers access to volunteer jobs, socialization with typical adults, and physical exercise venues.


Behavioral Intervention

Behavior consultation will be consistently available as needed within the consumers’ day of activities and events. Positive programming is a general rule of thumb and will encompass a wide range of reinforcing activities as determined individually per consumer. Parents or caretakers will be contacted regularly when there are unexpected displays of behavior.

Life Skills

Independent skills are critical for disabled adults and will be addressed as needed. These skills can range from toileting and grooming issues to functional skills in a home environment including leisure skills. We recognize that the more independent an adult consumer can be, the better quality living arrangement will be possible.