“Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand.”

–Chinese proverb


Leslie Watkins In Memoryof our co-founder Leslie Watkins October 18,1960 - May 31, 2004

A Special Message...

In Memory of our co-founder Leslie Watkins
October 18, 1960 - May 31, 2004

Leslie Katherine Watkins was the Co-Founder and Co-Director of Elliott Institute from its fledgling beginings in 1994 as Academic, Language and Behavior Intervention Services (ALBIS) until her passing on May 31, 2004.

Leslie was a key factor in the development of the Non Public School classes that Elliott Institute offers for severely involved children with autism. She was a catalyst for creative programming and held a strong bond between herself, the students and their parents. She was committed to exposing our students to typical events in the community such as family restaurants, movies, musicals, sports events, etc. As the creator of the unique Potty Camp, she was known in the industry as “The Potty Queen.”

Her final commitment was to her daughter Emma Sophia Katherine, who exemplified all of her personal hopes and dreams for all of our families and the Institute. Because her threads of wisdom wound through all of the growing departments of Elliott Institute, her loss was felt throughout the Institute from staff, parents and most critically, by the students.

As an educator, Leslie brought to the forefront the marriage of behavior management, structured teaching, creativity and loving respect for staff, her students and their families.

Elliott Institute and its staff remain committed to the visions that Leslie had for the Institute.